Wednesday, 31 December 2008

2 Great Artists

Two more fellow NCN caricature artists.On the left, Paul Moyse from England and Niall OLoughlin from Ireland. Both are highly respected, award winning artists whose work needs to checked out, its awesome!! I tried to really stretch their faces as i knew they were up for it, il hopefully meet these guys soon

Monday, 29 December 2008

Big Sam Allardyce

New Rovers Boss, Sam Allardyce....Done with Markette and Art Stix

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Matt Zittman

A Fellow NCN 'er, and someone whos work i really admire, pity ive never met him, wed get on

National Caricaturists Network

The NCN is an organisation set up to promote the art of caricature. Its made up from the cream of the worlds caricature artists and cartoonists. Its also open to amateurs and keen students ( mature ones also like me ahem!). It combines forums about everything associated with the art from materials used to celebrity showcases. One of my faves is the Firing Squad where members
put up their mugs for other members to draw. You can really let go with your imagination. Below are 2 that i did . Both very talented artists the first guy is Matt Ryder who operates out of Dubai and secondly, Mike Giblin from Newcastle. Ive followed Mikes work for ages now and in my opinion is the best "live" artist out there. Sounds like we are best mates, but ive yet to meet these 2 guys. Check out their blogs

Saturday, 27 December 2008


Just thought id post these 4 photos showing the build up of a "live "caricature i did during summer .Copic brush for outline, art stix and toner for render

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Some Quick Sketches

Some warm up sketches
Pete Doherty
Jan Ibelings
Dan Springer
Jan and Dan are fellow members of the NCN or National Caricature Network, more about that in future posts

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Xmas Commisions

Heres the first, Dave Brainge, Crew Manager, Green Watch, Blackpool Fire Station retired after 30 years service. Keen fly fisherman and legendary drinker he spent thousands of pounds getting his teeth sorted. this earned him the nickname " The Old Jap" . No ref photo, but believe me, its a ringer..Good luck Braingy!!
Heres more...Will and Jack... 2 sons of a mate. No redraw on this one lol

Heres the revised one, she liked this, it goes to show that , in art, what looks ok to one person may not to another. Niall Oloughlin, a superb and much respected caricature artist from Ireland commented that a good artist should be able to change his style to suit the customer . Wise words!!

A mum asked me to draw her son and his wife from this photo and this is what i drew, but she didnt like the way id drawn his gums so i redrew it!!

Sunday, 14 December 2008

"Live" and freezing yesterday

Once a month there is an "Arts and Craft" market in my home town, i have a stall there. Its outside but under cover, and can get bitterly cold and windy especially this time of year. Drawing live is my favourite, making a kid happy or an adult chortle is a great feeling and when you are in the zone and drawing well theres no buzz like it! Unfortunately ,yesterday wasnt one of those days, it just wasnt happening. Im blaming the temperature and the fact my hands and markers were frozen and not working. No worries, good , bad, indifferent, heres a selection of rosy cheeked , blue lipped kids

Friday, 12 December 2008

A Few More..........

Harry Rednapp
Simon Cowell
Christine Aguilera
I love to push the exaggeration in my drawing. These examples are quite old now and appear "tame". My aim is to improve the stretch but keep a resemblance.. thats the hard bit! Il be showing more old examples in forthcoming posts and hopefully advances in my style, most of all its all about fun for me and the viewer.......

My First Blog

Welcome to my new blog.Its all about the art of Caricature and hopefully it will chart my progress . Although ive drawn all my life, i only started drawing at events last year so im quite new to this.These first 3 show the sort of standard i do at "live events"........ Ronaldo, Amy Winehouse and Daniel Craig