Sunday, 28 December 2008

National Caricaturists Network

The NCN is an organisation set up to promote the art of caricature. Its made up from the cream of the worlds caricature artists and cartoonists. Its also open to amateurs and keen students ( mature ones also like me ahem!). It combines forums about everything associated with the art from materials used to celebrity showcases. One of my faves is the Firing Squad where members
put up their mugs for other members to draw. You can really let go with your imagination. Below are 2 that i did . Both very talented artists the first guy is Matt Ryder who operates out of Dubai and secondly, Mike Giblin from Newcastle. Ive followed Mikes work for ages now and in my opinion is the best "live" artist out there. Sounds like we are best mates, but ive yet to meet these 2 guys. Check out their blogs

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