Thursday, 18 December 2008

Xmas Commisions

Heres the first, Dave Brainge, Crew Manager, Green Watch, Blackpool Fire Station retired after 30 years service. Keen fly fisherman and legendary drinker he spent thousands of pounds getting his teeth sorted. this earned him the nickname " The Old Jap" . No ref photo, but believe me, its a ringer..Good luck Braingy!!
Heres more...Will and Jack... 2 sons of a mate. No redraw on this one lol

Heres the revised one, she liked this, it goes to show that , in art, what looks ok to one person may not to another. Niall Oloughlin, a superb and much respected caricature artist from Ireland commented that a good artist should be able to change his style to suit the customer . Wise words!!

A mum asked me to draw her son and his wife from this photo and this is what i drew, but she didnt like the way id drawn his gums so i redrew it!!

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