Thursday, 29 January 2009

Caricatures Of Me

Some wonderful caricatures of me by other NCN Artists. I have chosen these four to show the variety of styles used. Thats the great thing about caricature, everyone has their unique style and no way is wrong as long as the resemblance is there. Work can vary from 5 minute line sketches to digital/ paint masterpieces involving up to 40 hours work from the top guys. Starting at the bottom is from Guido Salimbeni. I love Guidos style and especially this digital one.Next up is a watercolour from my friend , Jan Baptist Neggers. Like me, Jan doesnt make his living from caricature but again, like me has a passion for the art .Jan is a superb artist specialising in watercolour but his caricatures have come on leaps and bounds and his wish is to draw good , live caricatures, which he is doing already. Next up, a quickie by Mike Giblin. I have said in earlier posts that i think Mike is one of the top 3 live caricature artists in the world, me and Jan baptist just pipping him, ha ha .Seriously Mike has that enviable talent of being able to capture a face with a few deft lines, making it unique and funny. To me , that ticks all the boxes in a great caricature.Last up, superb , detailed pencil work from Mick Hollingworth. Mick runs the concession at Alton Towers and when not doing that hes churning out commissioned work. Some people may think caricature as nothing more than a cartoony scratching. When you look at Micks take on me you realise its more than that. These guys study anatomy, portraiture and take the art to a different level. When i see work like this i realise its more than sticking big ears on a face, its much more subtle than that.Thanks Mick.More of these in future posts

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

More from that wedding

Apologies as some of the photos dont tally with the Caricature but you get the idea. I tried the first few with a new Markette but realised i should have practiced first with them as they felt strange so went back to my weapon of choice , a pentel brush pen. Unlike most gigs , i felt good on this one , mainly due to the great crowd, and the caricatures flowed. Hope you enjoy!

Another wedding

Weddings are by nature happy occasions, that is, until the fighting starts!!All the weddings i have done have been great, filled with fun loving people up for a good time. This one was particularly memorable because of the people. The friendliest, daftest bunch ive had the pleasure of meeting. Top that off with a location to die for looking over the Yorkshire Dales and you have the recipe for a serious party. I ended up staying, drawing longer, drinking like a viking and dancing on the tables, and....i seemed to be drawing well too,.Happy Days

Saturday, 24 January 2009


Another freaky one of great NCN artist Kage Nakanishi. Drawn in good old black biro while watching wossy!

Friday, 23 January 2009

Coffee Shop Sketch

I take a sketch pad with me everywhere and try to sketch a face every day. This guy sat opposite me as i had a coffee. I thought he looked like Morrisey from The Smiths so i pretended he was singing and drew him. I have too much time on my hands some days!!

Thursday, 22 January 2009


I'm a massive fan of this guy, Paul Weller. Hes just celebrated 30 years in the music industry and is as good today as he ever has been. I seem to have grown up with his music from his early days in THE JAM , through into THE STYLE COUNCIL, then his resurrection as a superb solo artist. Not much in the way of exaggeration but i did experiment with colour using greens, blues and yellows in the skin tone. it took about an hour to do.

More stretching..........

3 more NCN artists and 3 more different styles i tried. The colour one is of the great Glenn Ferguson, one of my heros, the pencil sketch is Jack Lo, and the surreal alien one is of a very unique , gifted caricature artist, Chris Chua. Chris ' work is phenomenal, off the wall, but visionary. He sees aspects in a face that a lot of us dont and his style is unique. He uses a lot of geometric shapes and his work has a dali- esque feel to it.

The Gallagher Brothers

Still trying some pencil sketches, heres one of the Oasis duo

Monday, 19 January 2009

Andrea and Kevins Wedding


Click on link above for a slideshow of a wedding i drew at

Sunday, 18 January 2009

A Few Kids On A Cold Night

The more i draw the more i learn. For a start human fingers dont work very well at 2 degrees. Secondly, Markers ,art stix and paper dont function that well also. Here i am at a recent outdoor party on a chilly, misty night. Why didnt you sit inside i hear you ask!! Cos all the parents were outside smoking and all the entertainment was outside so thats where i went. The paper i use is quality 145 gsm but ended up like tissue paper so i worked quick. They all seemed happy though, so i went to hospital and lost 4 fingers to hyperthermia!!

Friday, 16 January 2009

Pencil Sketch

Quick pencil sketch of Dirk, an NCN member. I feel i need to get some pencil practice in after working with markers and ballpoints , it feels weird!!

Wednesday, 14 January 2009


A quick 10 min one of the risque comedian, presenter, film actor and bed hopping penile swordsman. His latest radio antics got him fired from the BBC but ive got the feeling it wont do his career much harm. I used charcoal pencils and a black art stick for a change.

A Great Face To Caricature

This is Pan, another NCN artist, i did couple of sketches of him yesterday. What a wonderful, unique face he has and i could have configured his look with a 1001 permutations. Pan, im not gay, but god, your beautiful!!

Monday, 12 January 2009

Some Mashed Ones

3 more NCN artists. The guy with the teeth is Mick Cusimano, the one with shades the awesome Sean Gardner, and finally the equally talented Bert.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Some Wedding Caricatures

I drew at 6 weddings in 2008, these are from Sarah and Robs, one of the first i did. Unlike other live events where i charge per drawing, these events are charged by the hour. I can manage to draw 15-20 faces per hour but i always worry about the quality slipping. Everybody seemed pleased, except me, but i suppose its easy to be critical of ones own work. Some were drawn on walkabout which is pretty tough, the others from an easel. Il post some later weddings soon so you can see the improvement, which i think there has been

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Daniel Craig

Its quiet this time of year as reguards events, commissions , anything, pleeeaaase, just anything!! Ahem, ok, so time to practice, practice, practice, try new materials, methods, update displays etc. Heres one i did of the man of the moment , the new James Bond. Markers and art stix, it took an hour to do.

Monday, 5 January 2009

See Any Improvement??

A comparison to how i was drawing a year ago to how i am today. Gordon Ramsay was drawn about 12 Months ago and is the standard i try to acheive while drawing "live". Compare it to the latest one of Keifer Sutherland with the ref photo. Although i think the likeness on Kiefer is way off i think the quality is better, DO you???

Friday, 2 January 2009

Fays 8th Party

A recent Birthday party i drew at. Fay and her friends were fun and we all had a great time. A big thanks to her mum and dad too for their kindness and the beers!!