Thursday, 29 January 2009

Caricatures Of Me

Some wonderful caricatures of me by other NCN Artists. I have chosen these four to show the variety of styles used. Thats the great thing about caricature, everyone has their unique style and no way is wrong as long as the resemblance is there. Work can vary from 5 minute line sketches to digital/ paint masterpieces involving up to 40 hours work from the top guys. Starting at the bottom is from Guido Salimbeni. I love Guidos style and especially this digital one.Next up is a watercolour from my friend , Jan Baptist Neggers. Like me, Jan doesnt make his living from caricature but again, like me has a passion for the art .Jan is a superb artist specialising in watercolour but his caricatures have come on leaps and bounds and his wish is to draw good , live caricatures, which he is doing already. Next up, a quickie by Mike Giblin. I have said in earlier posts that i think Mike is one of the top 3 live caricature artists in the world, me and Jan baptist just pipping him, ha ha .Seriously Mike has that enviable talent of being able to capture a face with a few deft lines, making it unique and funny. To me , that ticks all the boxes in a great caricature.Last up, superb , detailed pencil work from Mick Hollingworth. Mick runs the concession at Alton Towers and when not doing that hes churning out commissioned work. Some people may think caricature as nothing more than a cartoony scratching. When you look at Micks take on me you realise its more than that. These guys study anatomy, portraiture and take the art to a different level. When i see work like this i realise its more than sticking big ears on a face, its much more subtle than that.Thanks Mick.More of these in future posts

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  1. Thanks for the kind words Paul,
    your friend Jan