Sunday, 18 January 2009

A Few Kids On A Cold Night

The more i draw the more i learn. For a start human fingers dont work very well at 2 degrees. Secondly, Markers ,art stix and paper dont function that well also. Here i am at a recent outdoor party on a chilly, misty night. Why didnt you sit inside i hear you ask!! Cos all the parents were outside smoking and all the entertainment was outside so thats where i went. The paper i use is quality 145 gsm but ended up like tissue paper so i worked quick. They all seemed happy though, so i went to hospital and lost 4 fingers to hyperthermia!!


  1. Looks cold... I sometimes have to put my Artstix in a cool box because they melt in the heat. What us artists have to put up with hey !

  2. Always great to see colleaugues in action pictures! How fast are you? greets!

  3. Edo
    It depends how big the queue is ha ha.The colour live work about 8 mins per face, b/w 5mins. If its quiet i may take 15 mins and put more detail in. Thanks for viewing and commenting