Thursday, 5 February 2009

Snow- Boarding Adventures

Ive always fancied a do at snowbaording, so i got meself some beginners lessons at the fantastic Chill Factore near the Trafford Centre at Manchester. Now at 16 stone and having the finesse of a schizophrenic bull elephant i thought i may struggle. How right i was!!But after persevering and taking some heavy falls and resultant bruising i entered a stage of semi- shite-ness and now 3 lessons later can put together a couple of linked turns. Dont get me wrong i still look like a fat man on an ironing board but it was great fun and il be back for more. Heres a pic of my lovely instructor 'Wah'. I drew her from memory and presented it to her after the last lesson for her great instruction and patience, she was great! I think she liked it too..

1 comment:

  1. My friend paul ,do you go for snowbaording or for the lovely instructor ????!!!!!!! (wink)
    nice drawing !!!!!