Friday, 15 May 2009

Masa and his Family

Latest commission. A lot of flaws with this, mainly the composition, which i knew id have a problem with. I was aware that there would be a lot of limbs floating about so i decided to leave some out , fooling the viewer into thinking they were obscured by clothing etc, but i still see faults. Fortunately Masa was happy with his family caricature. A warm, happy man, it was a pleasure to draw him and his lovely family.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you Paul; I am the very satisfied customer. As a professional, I know you need to be strict on your work for further improvement. However, I cannot express how happy all my family are. This group picture will be hanged proudly in our lounge, while other individual ones are on the wall along the stairs.

    More close to the pictures, I cannot imagine how you could pull out our character out of the photos; my cheeky smile, my wife's innocent-looking eyes, our son's energy, and the confidence of my mother in law as a witch.

    Paul, since you are a very precise person; my mother in law identified one mistake, sorry. A witch never carries a cross!!! (Accordig to her, witches are against Christianity as some of them were burnt as a result...) Never mind, I don't know who enjoys your works the most, her or my wife.