Saturday, 31 October 2009


Its Halloween and im watching the X-Factor. Cheryl Cole cant put a foot wrong at the mo, topping the music charts and appearing in this shite, although popular , tv series. I started to ball point her ( in my dreams) and ended up zombie-fying her and , yes, thats a maggott coming out of her canyon like dimple.


  1. Put the pencil down walk away from the table - pour your favourite drink then go and have a nice lay down !!!!
    Nice work Paul - zombies pah !!!!

  2. Hi Paul
    I was awarded the Kreativ blogger award and would like to pass it to you. You can copy the award and get the details from my Nov 2 post. Hope you have a great day!
    jan :)

  3. Wise words Tel, this time of year in the UK always gets me, dont get too tanned ya lucky b****r.

    Thanks for dropping by Jan, i am very chuffed you would do that...Thank you