Tuesday, 1 December 2009

A Few Faces

Typical that i come down with the flu when i have several comms to finish. I ve been in bed since Sunday and i have not been able to lift a pencil, so its been proper flu, not man flu !! At least ive not smoked a fag for 3 days which is a blessing, lets hope i can quit for good!! Heres a few i did before i started coughing up bits of alveoli and wind-pipe


  1. Nice ones Paul.Espeically like the last one Molly....Do you draw with pencil before you use the marker...and get well soon....best to stay in bed to rightly get rid of it.

  2. Thanks Bridie , on single faces i just go straight in with the marker . It all depends how im drawing on the day. If the confidence is there and im flowing i dont feel that i have to sketch it in. With multiples and on those off days then il sketch in face shape and features. Thnks again

  3. Great "life work" as always.
    I am very happy you are back my friend.
    Thanks for your nice compliments,
    jan :)

  4. Top work Flats - I really admire your live style.
    Hope you're back 'on deck' now.