Monday, 11 January 2010

Sir Terry Wogan and Jude Law

My first attempt at watercolour . Not much in the way of exaggeration or likeness, but i was just getting a feel for the medium. Man is it difficult, i have done a bit of landscape but skin tones and contrast are totally different. I know i overworked it and turned it muddy and there was a tendency to put a bold outline round it , like when i work in marker. Saying that i enjoyed it and will try more. Please feel free to offer any tips or pointers ( especially my good friend Jan Baptist Neggers),


  1. Dont know what your worried about paul they look great...keep at it..

  2. Paul these are great ..I love the exageration...espeically the second one...the expression is hilarious..I dont think you muddied when you draw do you tear the edges off the pages.....again great job on both.