Sunday, 28 February 2010

The importance of good photos

Like most caricature artists i get asked to work from photos. I try and emphasise to the client how important it is to provide good close ups , preferably 3 , front on, profile and 3/4 views. Most oblige but a few say things like "this is the best i could find , do your best"
I always send a rough draft to them for them to gauge likeness etc before i continue and sometimes these same people will whinge about the likeness . I now say that if alternative photos are not provided i will not waste my time and scrub the commission. This is a recent example for a wedding guest signature board. The bride was happy with hers but not the grooms. After umpteen photo attachments this was the best they came up with ( i had to use a magnifying glass to see his features)and the rough draft i sent which they rejected.!!


  1. I know how you feel man, and I totally agree, I turn down work all the time because they can't get me decent photo's, my attitude if they can't make the effort to get good photo's I won't make the effort to do the picture.

  2. They're the curse of caricaturists - the one's that supply the crappiest photos always expect the most stunning likenesses !!
    '.....That's him third from the left in the middle row - he's yawning but he normally smiles a lot. The photo was taken in '99 he's bald now !!'
    RULE 1 : Crap photos - don't take the job.

  3. My god ,what a job !!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for your nice coment on my blog my friend.
    I've been sick for a while but I think the worst is over now.I must go for a few examinations and then the appropriate medication to cure back.Give me some time because I am very tired quickly and have no energy to draw or paint.I saw what you posted and I must say all of you did a great job,
    I hope to be back as soon as possible,
    jan :)

  4. Thank god its not just me
    It very disheartening when you get a rejection but I agree with all the comments here
    I've never scrubbed a job yet and sometimes when I go back to the source photo I realise I've made a fundemental mistake with the face shape etc.