Thursday, 24 March 2011

Hilary Clinton

OK, i'll be honest, i f***ked up with this one . It was supposed to be Sharon Stone for this weeks comp over at Caricaturama 3000. Half way through i thought bollocks, looks nowt like her but it looks a bit like Mrs Clinton.
So i continued and ended up with this . Granted , not the best ive seen , but viewed through vari-focals at night through the window of a 100 mile an hour inter-city express through shit- sprayed windows its more like her than Sharon Stone.
I wonder how many other artists have started out intending to draw a particular face and ended up with a different one !


  1. WOW.......Great work Paul .All of them !!!!!
    Hope all is well my friend,
    jan :)

  2. Thank you Jan, hope you are well.